Egypt – Update 28/04/12: New mobile phone prefixes

Mobile phone network, signal and internet update:

If in recent months you have been trying to reach your contacts in Egypt you may have found that the phone numbers no longer work. This is because all the phone codes for mobiles have changed. Below shows how they have changed, replace the prefix with the following respective number:

010 – 0100

016 – 0106

019 – 0109

011 – 0111

014 – 0114

012 – 0122

017 – 0127

018 – 0128

0150 – 0120

0151 – 0101

0152 – 0112

It is still easy to get SIM cards from all phone shops within Egypt, but be prepared to leave a copy of your passport for the phone number to be registered to. You may not need to with some phone providers, but after a day or so your phone will stop working and you will need to take it back to the shop to register. This is done with varying effectiveness depending on the shop owner. The last few times they just registered it with a passport they kept in a drawer.

The signal strength along the main roads in The Sinai has been dramatically improved with new aerials being installed in many new locations. St Katherine’s phone signal and Internet often drops, but once in the mountains it is possible to find signal from towers further a field. In general Mobilnil has been the best provider for signal within the mountains.

WiFi can be found in all the towns of The Sinai, even in small Bedouin beach camps. This had had a knock on effect of making internet cafes less in demand and therefore less frequent.

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