NEW – The Sinai Trekking Guidebook is out now.

Front Cover of The Sinai Trekking Guidebook

Available in print (and as an e-guide), the “Sinai Trekking And Safari: the complete route guide with GPS waypoints” presents, as its title suggests, all the important trekking and safari routes in the peninsula’s rugged interior. The Sinai mountains and deserts are a very diverse and immensely beautiful wilderness – yet, apart from a few better known attractions, the interior is very little known. Most people in the West think of the Sinai as a seaside resort, not as a trekking destination. And even if someone heard vaguely about the wonders of this land, there is little, if any, accurate information available to visitors. Those who do come and take a trek or safari don’t know where they are being taken. All this is now to change – this route guide covers it all, from coast to coast and to the southernmost tip.


But not just that, this web site also lets you download the waypoints and routes onto your GPS and into Google Earth. It is also possible to download images onto Google Earth to allow to see what to expect on your treks.

We at The Expedition Consultancy have known the author of this guidebook for many years. The dedication and commitment he has put into this book has come to fruition in the form of this great book. If you are planning a trip to The Sinai, whether it is for diving, climbing or trekking, then you should try and get a copy of this informative guide before hand.

Click here to be taken to the site to order your guidebook now.

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