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The Expedition Consultancy is a project designed by Dave Lucas. Dave Lucas’ first move towards expeditions, via outdoor education, happened in mid 1990’s after being introduced to the sport of climbing. It was not long until he was searching further afield for more exotic corners of the world. It was in 1999 that he went on his first expedition style trip where he climbed new routes in Kenya; this was the trip that opened his eyes to the world of expeditions.

He then went on to trips to Greenland and on overland expeditions, hunting out unclimbed rock. He spent over two and a half years between the years of 2000 and 2004 away on expeditions. During that time he traveled the length of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. These were great trips, but Dave wanted to provide this same expedition experience to people who could only afford a few weeks away.

In 2004, Dave created the company ‘The Vertical World’. For the next 3 years The Vertical World explored Egypt’s Sinai Desert, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. But it was the Sinai Desert that Dave Lucas fell in love with. So The Vertical World concentrated all its expeditions in this one area, with the aim of completing the first rock climbing guidebook to the area. The Vertical World now had a huge amount of knowledge and experience from the Sinai Desert, and as a result Dave was picked up by an EU development project to work on their operations. It was during 2008 and 2009 that Dave truly began to understand the Sinai Desert and the Vertical World became accepted and respected as a company that understands the desert, the mountains and the local Bedouin culture within it.

After leaving Egypt The Vertical World and Dave Lucas started to base their operations from the UK but still continuing to explore new areas for unclimbed rock throughout SE Asia, including East Timor.  It was during these years that Dave Lucas established himself as the in-country agent for the Sinai Desert by successfully organising and assisting on expeditions for various companies and groups.

It was then in 2010 that Vertical World and Dave Lucas wanted to put all their experience and knowledge into a new project. A project that would be an ongoing task, creating an ever-expanding database of all that is expeditions. A project that would help other individuals to achieve their dreams of exploration and adventure. A project that would assist companies to organise expeditions to new and exciting parts of the world. A project that, most importantly, would continue to provide adventures so as not to let Dave Lucas to forget why it all began.

This project is the website you are now reading… Welcome to The Expedition Consultancy.

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