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Dave Lucas

Dave LucasAt 37, Dave has spent over 65 months on expeditions in more than 80 countries from Europe and Asia to Africa and Latin America. He thrives on exploring for unclimbed areas of the world and has climbed hundreds of new routes in dozens of countries. To Dave, the climbing is the ‘icing on the cake’ and the real ‘fruit and nut mix’ is made from the people you meet, the animals you encounter, the sights you see and the wonderful food you eat. Dave’s adventures have been on the National Geographic Channel and on Sky TV; in four books; and in eight magazines. He has been recognised by the Royal Geographic Society and has been a fellow since his mid twenties. Dave inspires others by speaking about his adventures at numerous public speaking events. Just one of his many adventures was climbing new routes to explore a ruined inaccessible Ethiopian palace for gold, treasure and legends. Dave lives for adventure and this combined with his professional manner and experience has resulted in him being a very sought after expedition guide. To “relax” Dave likes to freedive and compete in ultra marathons. Amongst other races he has achieved a top 100 place in The Marathon Des Sables, and also completed the Ultra Tour de Mont Blanc race.

Maiju Lucas

Screen shot 2014-04-24 at 17.37.38Maiju is fairly new to climbing, having only been convinced to give it a go a few years ago. But she quickly got bitten by the bug and is now happily on a continuous crash course into the more adventurous sides of the sport. Maiju first went overseas in her late teens and in the past 15 years has gained many years worth of travel experience to over 60 countries on five different continents. Since summer 2013 she has become more involved in the expedition research and travel logistics sides of our operations. She is loving her new role as it involves hunting for new exciting destinations and being able to put to good use the knowledge and language skills she has gained from years of exploring the different corners of the world. If you have a great idea for an unexplored climbing area or some other type of weird and wonderful travel venture – even if it’s only based on a rumor, an old faded photo or even a treasure map – she would love to hear about it. As she knows that in many parts of the world solo female travelers are still a rarity she is happy to give advice, tips and share experiences about her own travels to encourage and help other women to go make their adventure and travel dreams come true.

Alan Fowler

Screen shot 2015-01-14 at 12.13.40

Whether its solo wild camping in the Scottish highlands in winter or leading an expedition of teenagers through the jungles of Cambodia, Alan is seriously hooked on travel. Now in his mid 30’s he has over 15 years of experience traveling and leading expeditions across six continents and is always looking for his next adventure. Through working as expedition medic and mountain leader Alan has a wide range of experience dealing with the unexpected challenges that expeditions are full of and as a result has a wealth of knowledge that the TXC is now happy to be able to benefit from. Alan is also our go-to guy when it comes to deciding on the best expedition equipment and is always happy to advise on the best kit for the job. He gives talks about expeditions and equipment and when in the UK runs training sessions for staff in a variety of specialist outdoor retailers. Holding qualifications in mountain and expedition leading, first aid instruction and as an expedition medic, Alan is a great addition to the TXC team and currently serves as our Operations Manager, coordinating equipment and operations support for the expeditions.

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