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We are now starting to add all of our previous expedition reports and notes to this page. Some of it may be dated, but every little helps.

This is an ongoing project that we are adding to whenever we have the time, so you may not find the information you are looking for, but please contact us and we can put our feelers out to try and find the information that you require.

We have recently updated the following pages:

Cuba – 05/04/15

Mali – 17/12/11

Egypt – updated on 26/03/14

Vietnam – 25/11/12 (2015 tide table now added)

Greenland – 19/06/13 (Notes from 2001)

Ethiopia – 07/09/13

Namibia – 16/09/13 (Notes from 2002)

Turkey – 16/09/13 (Notes from 2000 and 2001)

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