Research facilities

Besides the endless amount of information available online, Google Earth and numerous apps to help you plan and research your upcoming expedition, good old-fashioned library research should not be forgotten. While planning previous adventures we have stumbled across amazing old treasure maps, fascinating diaries from explorers of past times and tons of other information that is not available online. If your expedition has any links to historical events, places, routes or people, we strongly suggest you to take the time to try find as much information about them as possible.

Besides your local library (and these can sometimes be very good as well!) few of the best places to do on-site research are the library of the Royal Geographic Society (RGS) and the library of the British Alpine Club and . For information on how to visit these places, their opening hours and other relevant info, please visit their websites:

We also recommend to see what information you can find from the BMC Expedition Reports -page, where there are over 2000 reports available for download and older reports through their office.


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