For leadership skills there are several routes to take and individual experience and social skills certainly are very important as well. But for any expeditions heading into the mountains or to more remote areas, we strongly recommend for the team leaders, and ideally other team members as well, to consider training themselves in the necessary skills gained from the numerous courses provided by the Mountain Training Association. To learn more about their courses, have a look at their website here.

Medical support

For information on medical support, first aid training and other essentials, please refer to our Medical support page.


A very good starting point is Carlo Forte’s book Navigation in the Mountains,¬†which is also recommended by the British Mountaineering Council (BMC). But no book is as good as practicing your skills out in the field and to get started on this, a basic course is highly recommended. If you are planning a longer, more remote or adventurous expedition, a more advanced mountains skills course should be seriously considered. Please refer to the above mentioned Mountains Training Association for more information on their course selections.

Topping up skills

We believe that for any types and lengths of expeditions, and especially so for the more adventurous trips, it is very important for all the team members to have as wide ranging a set of skills as possible. For example our Deep Water Soloing expeditions have compulsory advanced first aid courses specifically designed for these trips to ensure that all the team members have the same skills to be able to act correctly if an emergency situation occurs. So we advice you to valuate truthfully what strengths and weaknesses each team member has and then consider which skills need to be refreshed or improved. If you would like to have more advice on what your team should be doing to prepare for your upcoming expedition, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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