Other Services

Bespoke Expeditions

Besides our own rock climbing expeditions, we set up trips for other companies and private groups as well. In the past we have designed and organised exciting overseas adventures for: team building trips, adventurous hen parties, exploratory expeditions, location scouting, just to name a few.

Corporate Trips

Our ‘Short Haul Exotics’ are unique and custom-made excursions that can be planned to suit the needs of your team, regardless of its size, fitness or experience level. These trips can be as adventurous as you wish them to be and in the pass we have designed adventures that have included such thrilling activities as rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking, paragliding, hot air balloon rides, treasure hunts and many more.

Climbing First Aid Courses

We believe that anyone participating in potentially risky outdoors activities should have up-to-date first aid qualifications and this is particularly important for climbers who climb in remote areas and can therefore find themselves far away from medical assistance, even when climbing in the UK and Europe. We have partnered with Medical Lifesigns to design and organise first aid courses that are specifically aimed at climbers and for expedition conditions.

In Country Information

This is where we are going to add reports, stories and photos from our past expeditions to provide others with as much information as we can about the different locations so that the exciting planning phase of their expeditions can be as fun and productive as possible.

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