Climbing 1st Aid courses

We are always surprised when during the planning stages of our expeditions we find how many members do not have any first aid knowledge. Those that do have a course under their belts are often in a bad need of a refresher. This is especially shocking when you consider that many of these people do not only climb and partake in other high-risk sports, but also often do them in places where there is no air rescue and help can sometimes be days away.

Putting it simply, why would a person forgo the opportunity to spend a couple of days and a couple of hundred pounds learning the skills, which could help them save a friend’s life?

So we have decided to do something about this and, with the assistance of Medical Lifesigns, have designed a course that not only gives you the basic first aid skills for expeditions, but also takes it one step further giving you the knowledge that bridges the gap between a first aider and a medic.

We believe so strongly in this that completion of the C.E.F.A course is compulsory for anyone joining one of our expeditions.

The aim of this course is to deliver a syllabus, which is free from health and safety and PC restrictions often found in the first aid world. If it improves the chances of survival then we will teach it. Other advantages in completing this course include:

  • It has been designed by climbers for climbers, which can be tailored to fit the expeditions environment and destination.
  • You will be trained by a highly qualified instructor whose advice is born from years of first-hand experience.
  • You will not only get advice on medical kit contents, but also potentially train with the actual kit that you and the team will be taking on expedition.
  • You will gain the opportunity to train alongside your other team members, and learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This will give the team the peace of mind that if an accident was to happen everyone would be ready “singing the same song”.
  • The course provides standards above those required by national governing bodies within outdoor sports and within the work place.

We are proud to be working alongside Medical Lifesigns in order to achieve the high standards necessary. They offer a variety of worldwide bespoke training solutions to the commercial and charity expedition sectors. From basic first aid through to advanced medical programs. Their training courses have been developed in conjunction with their clients in the respective fields. They are practical, effective and proven. Their consultants include specialists with decades of experience in both the expedition and exploration safety fields.

Due to the advanced nature of the C.E.F.A course there is a pre-requisite of a current entry-level wilderness/expedition first aid course.

If you have any questions regarding this course then please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.

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