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A short haul exotic is The Expedition Consultancy doing its part to ensure that your company can still plan corporate trips abroad whilst keeping the spending down. We are researching countries that are only a short flight away from the UK, but still have a significant cultural difference that can provide an exciting destination for any of your company’s events. The short haul flight allows you to achieve the aims of your event in an exciting corner of the world, whilst still fitting to the budget.

Have a look at the following destinations and then contact us if you have any questions or are keen to develop a trip for your company.


In 2007 The Expedition Consultancy first looked at Montenegro as a great destination for rock climbing expeditions. Since then we have advised many groups to go there, including adventurous hen parties. The country is geographically and biologically extraordinary; high alpine mountain ranges, the deepest gorge in Europe, and stunning Mediterranean Riviera. In fact Montenegro has the greatest biodiversity of all the European countries. During the last ice age it was so eroded by glaciers that it now boasts spectacular jagged mountain peaks perfect for trekking around. Montenegro is tiny but it packs a punch as a destination for unique corporate events.


Turkey straddles both Europe and Asia and as a result is a great gateway into Asia’s cultural melting pot. The Anatolian peninsula, comprising most of modern Turkey, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited regions in the world, and is the area of Turkey that The Expedition Consultancy operates the most in. Dramatic limestone landscapes are a veritable playground for the adventurous. Canyoning, rafting, paragliding, kayaking, climbing, trekking, horse riding, sailing, mountain biking are to name but a few of the activities you find there. The weather provides a perfect retreat from the grey gloom and rain as winter closes in on the UK and gives an earlier boost of sunshine before the summer sun has found the UK soil. Without a doubt Turkey is your premium team-building destination, whether you are testing the team physically in an exciting sport or mentally on a treasure hunt through the streets of Istanbul. Now is the time to contact us to find out what more we can offer.


Morocco should not just be known for carpets and the souks around the central square in Marrakesh as it has so much more to offer. At the age of seventeen, Morocco was Dave Lucas’ first taste of life outside of Europe. He was blown away by how different the country was yet still so close to Europe and the UK. Massive sand dunes creep through the southern towns on the edge of The Sahara. The shores of The Atlantic pound the beaches with mighty surf. The many oases surrounding the ruins of kasbahs and alongside flowing rivers, are lush with, amongst other fruits, peach trees and grape vines. While trekking between the mountain huts with everything he needed in his rucksack, it was most of all the Berber traditions high in the valleys of the Atlas Mountains that caught Dave’s imagination. So it is to no surprise that he has been back numerous times since and is enthusiastic to offer an equally memorable experience out to you and your company.

Greece, Santorini Island

OK, so Greece has been a favorite destination for a long time. This is not surprising as Greece features a vast number of islands, in fact a staggering 6,000 of them, all having the sublime Mediterranean climate. So why are we including it here? Not only is Greece stunningly beautiful and can trace its roots to the civilization of ancient Greece, generally considered the cradle of Western civilization, but it is also currently going through economic stress. This is tragic for Greece but what it may mean for others is that the downturn will be creating some of the lowest prices for hotels and transport in a long time. So this may translate into an even more memorable and pleasant trip for you, but staying at a bargain price. Santorini is one of the few islands that have an international airport, but more importantly it is arguably one of the most picturesque islands in The Cyclades. The island has a central lagoon formed by one of the most powerful volcanic eruptions in the last few thousand years. This eruption could have given the reason why Moses was able to part the “reed” sea and many believe that Thira is actually the lost city of Atlantis. Not a bad claim to fame. The other minor details of it having a desert climate, being a gastronomic delight, owning a great night life and a perfect place to practice luxury boating or sea kayaking should not be ignored.

The Expedition Consultancy is currently researching this option. Keep an eye on this link to see what we have discovered.


We consider ourselves experts with regards to travel within The Sinai Desert and we cannot stress enough how perfect it would be to host your corporate events there. Beautiful coastline, 5 star resorts, mountainous desert trekking, and incredible tropical diving. The Sinai Desert is an exciting cultural experience, in a fantastic landscape, with a healthy portion of opportunities to rest, relax and play.

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