• The trip was an amazing experience. The money and time I invested to travel out with you and the other guys was very much worth it. The balance between climbing and exploring local culture was spot on. The emphasis you placed on eating good quality food was greatly appreciated. … I was impressed and reassured by the quality of first aid equipment, planning and experience. Jon Finch 19/02/2015 (Sudan bouldering expedition)
  • That was a good trip, I really enjoyed it. Top marks. … The trip was great and I would recommend it to adventurous boulderers anywhere. Martin Kocsis – 16/02/2015 (Sudan bouldering expedition)
  • A friend and I recently did a four day trek in the High Mountain region of Sinai. I already knew the area slightly from a few brief climbing trips but I approached Dave for advice on a longer trek. We followed Dave’s advice to the letter (for the route, the guide and various administrative arrangements) and the trek was a remarkable experience which served as the perfect end to my time living in Egypt. Our guide, Nasr, was excellent – besides knowing all the routes in the mountains and being willing to do longer days when we wanted, he enthusiastically shared his expertise in the local botany and was an outstanding campfire cook. I could not recommend trekking in the Sinai or Dave’s advice strongly enough.  Alasdair Miller – 22/12/2014
  • “Overall I thought it was a great trip, nice atmosphere, lots of fun, very well organised, everything went smoothly, good effort!” Ben Heason – 15/12/2014 (Vietnam 2014 DWS expedition)
  • VIETNAM DWS 2012: “From months before the trip we were given info on what stuff we each needed to bring, when to get there and where we were staying on the first nights. This meant there was no rushing around days before we left…
    Vietnam has the best deep water soloing in the world. There are a few developed crags (a few more now!) but the scope for more routes to be developed is almost unlimited. It is accessable to any climber who is comfortable climbing 6b or even 8b. It is staggering what you find…
    Boat life is great, the people were great, food was amazing! November temperatures are great, it is easiest to sleep outside on deck without requiring any more that a 2 season bag.  Evenings where full of card games and banter and were fantastic. If you’re done with games check out the bioluminescence! It’s staggering! …
    Dave was a great laugh the whole trip, the go to guy if anything needed sorting from police bribes to rocks on heads [fixing]. …
    Vietnam was even better than could have expected, it was simply awesome. The climbing is world class, the food is great, people were amazing and beer is less that 20p. What more on earth is required?
    I am looking forward to my next trip.”
    Sam Harvie – 02/10/2014
  • “I have just spent a week in Egypt climbing in South Sinai. Before going I was a little apprehensive, fuelled in the main by the reactions of friends to my impending trip and a great deal of negative media coverage concerning the political situation n Egypt over the last year. I needn’t have worried. From the moment I arrived I was shown a kind of warmth and hospitality that was extraordinary, and not once felt threatened or insecure. I would fully recommend a trip to Egypt with the EC – Dave’s local knowledge, enthusiasm and spirit of adventure will provide a safe, fun and unparalleled climbing adventure holiday.” John Spiller – 05/01/14
  • ” I have just got back from an expedition in Wadi Rum /Jordan with them and they rock it!!! Literally!!!” Patricia Jones via Facebook – 12/11/13
  • “Over the years I have led and organised many expeditions to the mountains of Oman, Jordan and Musandam. But when I wanted to organise trips that involved interaction with the local bedouin and in particular the use of camels, I turned to David Lucas for help.  His expertise, guidance, local contacts and leadership have allowed us to have 2 major expeditions in Sinai and the Hoggar that were perfectly planned and perfectly executed.  His expertise with respect to medical matters and emergency procedures has also given us an immense sense of security on these expeditions. I would recommend his services to anyone planning expeditions in remote places. No more, I do not envisage making an expedition again, without using his services.” Geoff Hornby
  • “Just wanted to write a few words to say thanks for such a superb trip. I expected it to be good but didn’t expect it to surpass that expectation on so many fronts.” Richard Waltham (south Sinai, Egypt)
  • “Your advice proved to be invaluable for our trip to Namibia. Your knowledge of the country, transport and accommodation options made it easy for us to plan the kind of trip we wanted with confidence that we were seeing all the best bits. Highlights included exploring/climbing in Spitzkoppe, skydiving in Swakopmund, watching sunrise over the dunes at Sosusvlei, seeing lions at Etosha and camping by the Okavango river at Ngepi Camp. Thanks.” Heather & Shane Ohly
  • “Hi Dave, Back in England’s green and pleasant land; Sunny, but not quite Sinai in terms of temperature! This is just to thank you again for such a memorable experience – a brilliant mix of adventure, fun, climbing, dossing, wilderess and cultural interest.  I actually feel priviledged to have been able to share the experience, not only with genuine and pleasant local people, but also with you and your interest, knowledge and respect for the land and its culture.” Colin and Pam Ford. (South Sinai, Egypt)
  • “Hi. Just got back. What an epic. Had to sleep in the back of the van as nearly fell alsleep on motorway. Got the shits and had to keep stopping in the services. Then the power steering packed in on the van. Got home 5am. 7am your time. Thanks tonnes for looking after us and keeping us out of trouble. Dam good trip!” – Mike Hutton.
  • “Hi, Just wanted to send you a message to say a very BIG “thank you” for our Sinai adventure.  It was an amazing time, great food, amazing climbing, great food, gorgeous walking, great food. I can’t quite believe it now that I am back home.  Still I have the photographs to remind me, the ones of people all seem to be blurred, however the ones of Abdullah the camel are sharp as you like  and Gavin is really doing a passable impression of a camel gurgling as it’s loaded up, in case I need help conjuring up the sights and smells of the mountains and the camp :)” Gavin and Alison.
  • “Thank you for an amazing trip, we had an excellent time.” Sarah Freshwater (South Sinai, Egypt 2008).
  • “thanks for a great time in Egypt, I had an amazing trip! I’m afraid I have no constructive criticism to offer except do more of the same please!” David Riply.
  • “Great expedition … it really has inspired me to go back to the region.” Roger Dailey.
  • Well – it seems like a total dream. Woke up the next morning & the ground is totally covered in snow. “I thought it was a great trip – a real expedition with the convenience of a holiday. Its also good to get out of the home country in a really grotty time of year – out of season holidays are always good as there are less people about in the resorts. It was the first time I had done something like that – ie join a completely random (and great) set of folk & see what happens. And I would definitely do it again – you can never expect to have such a good time the second time round, but hopefully it will be great in a different way. Not sure there was much to improve on except the temperature at night, longer daylight hours, less smelly camels – not things that are readily under your control.” Ruth Murdie.
  • Well what can I say the trip was absolutely bloody amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! got into work this morning its foggy cold and generally very English but I’m still so stoked from the exped i really don’t care! i think one of the notes in my diary generally sums the exped up for me: “This place is amazing it gets under your skin, I find it addictive. The climbing is fantastic, the place is fantastic, the people are fantastic I’m creating memories that will last a lifetime and beyond!” Dan Irving.
  • “on a personal note, you were great. your organisation, humour, approach and everything made the expedition as grand as it was. you were a great leader! everything from arrival to departure ran really well, and it was all your fault. i would never go on an expedition with anyone else, ever! if you want some soundbite to put on the website, just ask.” Martin Kocsis

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